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Catalysts and Exhaust Systems.

BERSY has been a leading designer and manufacturer of exhaust gas after-treatment systems for over 40 years.
Bersy offers a complete and versatile product range including: particulate filters, SCR Systems and catalysts for the reduction of pollutants emissions for off-road industrial machines and marine engines.
BERSY products stand out for their modular design, easy installation, maximum strength and high performances in pollutants reduction; Bersy products have achieved leading European Institutions certification and approval.

BERSY also offers a DPF cleaning service and management service for SCR systems thanks to qualified technical personnel and advanced equipment.

Through their partners BERTINEX SRL in Milan, Bersy offers flame-proof conversions for machinery operating in areas at risk of fire and explosion, for zones I and II.

BERSY has also focused on the design and production of exhaust gas kits and accessories for marine applications.
BERSY is able to offer technologically-advanced solutions for the design and production of customized exhaust systems.